Winter 2015-16 Release – Upgrade for Design 3D CX 8 Users
For buyers of Design 3D CX 8 prior to November 15, 2015, this release provides many bug fixes and improvements – and two major new features:

Embree raycasting technology increases rendering speed up to an astounding 800%.

Stage Model makes it easy to take your finished models and stage them in one of the nearly 30 professionally created templates in as few as two clicks.

Embree™ Raycasting Technology by Intel®

Embree crown Ken render 1

Rendered using Strata and Embree technology by Intel. Embree crown model courtesy Martin Lubich. Rendering courtesy Chris Tyler.

Raycasting is at the heart of the rendering process in Design 3D CX. The state-of-the-art in raycasting comes from Intel with their Embree raycasting engine. This highly optimized technology is ideal for increasing speed and adding features. After many months of work we have been able to integrate the Embree technology directly into the Strata rendering engine. The results are nothing short of amazing.

Up to 800% Speed Increase
The remarkable efficiency of the Embree raycasting engine, combined with new improvements in the Strata rendering engine come together to provide speed increases of up to 8x the previous release. Depending on the image and configuration of your model and lighting, you can see speed increases that will greatly enhance your productivity. Do more for your clients – or just spend more time doing what you love – the extra time is all yours!

Speed graph model Tyler ship-drk_studiov1

W15-16 Release up to 800% faster than CX 8.0 and nearly 1,000% faster than CX 7.5. Rendering courtesy Chris Tyler.

Deeper, Broader and More Refined Antialiasing
What else can you do when you have lightening fast raycasting? Use it to improve image quality through superior antialiasing for one. With the Winter 2015-16 Release we were able to change how Design 3D antialiases images by going into darker and broader color areas to refine edges of objects and textures. This gamma adjusted antialiasing takes more rays cast into more areas but the results are well worth it.

Better Displacement Mapping on Subdivision Surfaces
It takes a lot of rays to refine a surface that’s using both polygon subdivision and displacement mapping. With Embree we were able to greatly improve on this combination. Now you can use the “Displacement” texture type with confidence on your subdivided objects. Just use the popup menu in the left side of the Resource/Texture palette.

Stage Model Feature

Now you can easily stage your finished models in any one of nearly 30 professionally created templates. Just select the model you want to stage, click on the Stage Model button in the button bar and up pops the setup assistant Stage dialog. Choose your template, decide whether to have your model automatically scale to the template and whether to rotate to face the camera. Just click the “Stage Model in Template” button and your model is ready to render.


Choose between these templates, including the new retail shelving templates, or you can even create your own to easily use for future projects. Create consistent renders between projects, maintain a “company look” – and even share with other Design 3D users.



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