3D Printing to Make Mars a Reality

Mars Case Study






Jan Kaliciak, a long time creative professional and instructor, has been using Strata to help with his contributions to the EOS Mars Program for many years. Now he has taken his work from virtual to physical using Strata and 3D printing.

What is the EOS Mars Program? “It’s an imaginative and speculative enterprise in visualizing the possible realities of moving and living in a Mars environment, based on current science and engineering developments.” Is it science? Yes, and no. In Jan’s opinion, sometimes imagination leads science. Now, with 3D printing, Jan can communicate his concepts beyond just Strata generated images and animations.

Jan’s contributions to the EOS Mars Program have previously included beautiful 3D illustrated concepts of Mars-based habitats and transportation. Now, Jan has added the power of 3D printing to his contributions to EOS. The powerful duo of Jan’s imagination and tools like Strata and 3D printing allow for a limitless  amount of potential.

Mars Anti-Meteorite Missile

Below is a rendering of the Mars anti-meteorite missile created in Strata Design 3D CX by Mr. Kaliciak:

Kaliciak mars rocket image 1From here, Jan was able to export the model using the excellent model file format support that Strata offers to 3D print the project. Below is a photograph of the 3D printed components of the rocket and the assembled 3D printed rocket on the right:

Kaliciak mars rocket 3D print 2

EOS Mars Program ATV

This all-terrain-vehicle was developed in Strata Design 3D CX and visualized with the rendering shown below:

Kaliciak mars rover rendering 2

The next step for Jan was to 3D print the components using a Type A Machine Series One Pro. The products of the vehicle for physical assembly are shown below:

Kaliciak mars rover 3D print 1

Since successful creation of the missile and rover elements, Jan has continued to create and print several other pieces. What’s stopping you from doing the same?

Thanks for sharing with us Jan!

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  1. Thomas Strong

    That’s impressive. What 3D printer is he using to print the .stl file from Strata?

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