8 Conceptual Designs That Bring Science to Life

The Sci-Fi genre thrives where science and technology meet. The conceptual designs you are about to see are all created using the 3D modeling softwareStrata Design 3D CX. Each of these designs embodies this combination, and does so in an incredibly realistic way. Go ahead, see for yourself…

1. Topological 3

conceptual designs

Conceptual Design by Bartolomeus

Shiny, modern, and fluid—Topological 3 looks like something straight out a Christopher Nolan movie. Do we know what the purpose of this spire is? No. Do we care? No.

As Bartolomeus (the creator of this awesome design) says in his profile, sometimes “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

2. EOS Program Orbital Construction Systems

3d design software

Conceptual Design by Jan Kaliciak

With Jan’s 3D design juxtaposed against the background of one of Nasa’s orbital images, it’s hard to distinguish what’s photography, and what’s conceptual design work—a true testament to the power of Design 3D CX.

Almost as beautiful as the design, is the description: “Construction takes place around the regocrete spray head axis, beginning with the point of contact with the rotary head attached to the pumping station. This ensures plenty of clearance during assembly….leaving only final detachment and withdrawal as a navigational challenge….”

3. Work in Progress


Conceptual Design by Chris Britton

Robo Recall before there was Robo Recall. This well thought out design bridges the gap between man and machine, giving real personality to to a piece of sleek hardware.

4. EOS Mars Program: Earthside Launch Complex

conceptual design architecture

Conceptual Design by Jan Kaliciak

Houston, there is no problem. This beautiful design brings NASA’s ambitions of reaching Mars a reality.

5. Spider Robot

conceptual design example

Conceptual Design by Marcos de Oliveira

Marcos combines metals with organic materials like rope to create a creature a terrorizing spider of the feature. With a microchip in its thorax, this nanobot looks ready to spy on nearby enemies.

The realistic shadow work is done using Strata’s robust suite of lighting tools that include:

  • Point Lights
  • Spot Lights
  • Directional Lights
  • Glowing Surfaces
  • Gels
  • Reflection Panels

6. EOS Mars Program: Concept Model

Conceptual Design by Jan Kaliciak

This model is a little different from the rest you’ll see in this article. Jan used Strata 3D CX to design this “LEO supply launcher” he printed using plastic filament.

Just one example of how you can use 3d modeling software to bring your ideas into reality.

7.Mars Phoenix Probe

conceptual design process

Conceptual Design by Doug Stevens

This Mars probe looks like a photo taken straight from the Orion Crew Module. Doug used a variety of textures and rendering tools to create a final image. Admittedly, there are a lot of solid 3D Modeling Softwares in the design space—but when it comes to rendering features—Strata Design 3D CX is definitely one of the most robust, including various rendering features like:

  • Toon
  • Photons
  • Raytracing
  • Raydiosiity
  • Pointcloud
  • Anti-Matter Effect
  • Atmospheric Effects
  • MIP Mapping
  • Soft Shadows
  • Reflection Blurring

8. Product Number 02, Completion

Conceptual design in database

Concept Design by Kappano Kawatarow

If the year is 2075 and you’ve got a medical emergency—chances are you’re going to want Kappano Kawatarow’s rescue bot to come help you.

Just need a good Wi-Fi signal? Don’t worry, with a built in hotspot “Product Number 02” can help you out with that too.


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