Strata 2 in 1 Week: Dscoop in Dallas and CMBAM in Kansas City

Dscoop, Dallas, TX, March 25-28: Closing the gap between marketers and the creative print providers who bring ideas to life.

CMBAM, Kansas City, MO., March 27-31: This annual convention brings these creatives together once a year to share our business ideas, solutions and innovations.

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Strata/Interactive News at America East Conference

America East Media Business and Technology Conference is the industry’s leading regional event, taking place in Hershey, Pennsylvania each year. This year Strata and Interactive News wowed the attendees with the cutting edge of augmented reality (AR).  Read more here.



 Interactive News at Mega-Conference

Newspaper industry leaders from around the world flock to San Diego for one of the biggest Mega-Conferences in years. More than 700 newspaper executives and exhibitors attended to get the scoop on the latest industry technology, the state of newspapers, and how to forge a way into the future – and Interactive News is leading the way. Read more here.



 Strata Launches Interactive News AR Platform

Interactive News allows readers to use their smartphones to “see” trigger images in the newspaper and access a deeper level of content. After downloading an app, readers simply hold their mobile phone over photos or blocks of text to launch interactive experiences, such as: movie trailers, read the local crime log, shop for a new car, view the last few minutes of a high school basketball game, or just explore different dimensions of a news story. Read the press release here.


Strata Design Suite & Spaces VR Released

November 2, 2017 – Strata released the Strata Design Suite and Spaces VR.

With the Design Suite users get the full Strata toolset at one affordable price. Spaces VR lets users hold and walk into their designs. Read the press release here.


Strata adds the precision surface and solids CAD software Cobalt to its design suite.

CIO Applications named Strata to its list of Top 25 AR/VR Technology Solutions Providers-2017. “The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Applications’ editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.”

Strata releases its free digital sculpting tool, Sculpt 3D. September 14th, 2017.

Strata is named to the AR/VR Association’s Enterprise List for its work  in the AR/VR design space. August 29th, 2017.

CEO John Wright shared his thoughts with ARtillry  about AR/VR consumer adoption trends. July 5th, 2017

“Disruptive Technology Series” – Australia – February 6th

Strata CEO John Wright presented at the APP Securities “Disruptive Technology Series” on February 6th in Australia. John reviewed the technology landscape of VR and AR and where things are headed – and finished things off with a live demo. You can watch the full presentation here.

San Francisco, CA – December 7-8, 2016