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    Your software appears to be a great product for 3D design. I attempted to download so I could try your software before purchase. Unfortunately, I was redirected to another page that required me to purchase a trial training subscription without any other options. I never received the free download to evaluate it first. Maybe if I had a chance to try the software as advertised and offered, and it was what I needed, I would be happy to purchase it.



    So, sorry for my confusion. I did receive the download file. It downloaded from a link included in the conformation email sent to me when I clicked the download button on your page. Can you add a note somewhere around that download button on your page that will let you know where to find the actual download link. It would have saved me some frustration.
    I’m looking forward to exploring the program.


    Britt Griswold

    Hey Mark,

    I am not Strata, just one of the people who have used the product for years. Glad you wrote. There is always a need to interface testing. When communications problems appear, it is not always obvious to those of us that design the interface. It is critical to get feedback. Most people will just shrug and carry on without comment. But things don’t improve if we don’t point out the problems!



    Ed Julian

    Wested or


    Ed Julian

    Wested or..

    Applying a rectangular decal to a flat survace (face of a rect. parallelepiped) want it to rotation the shurface. If the decal and the sulface are both square,rotates fine w/o any distortionl, i.e. the decal maintains its rectangular shape throughut the rotation. But if the slab/surfice is stretched so as no longer square, the decal distorts into diamond shaped areas, as though the decal was stretched This happens at every 45 deg angle, whilst returning to proper shape at each 90 deg.

    I’ve tried misc trick to beat this rap, without success One solulion has been to use Srata 2.5,which works instantly and instantly without the slihghtest problem. When I import the Strata 2.5 model into 7.5.1,it works properly! But I haven’t spotted where I’ve mis-set some parameter or other Needless to day, this back-and-forth stuff is quite a slowdown.
    Why should we have to be glad we held onto ur ca 1996 POWER Macs?

    Obviousy we’re missing something — it’s hardly conceivable that Strata won’t permit moving decals around without wrecking them.

    Any help would be much appreciated –I suspect we’ve making some serious dumbasss mistake.

    Thanks for your attention ! And for any help forthcoming.

    Retards, Ed Julian

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