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    Hello new Forum!

    I’m trying to model a still of some papers flying through the air in sort of a spiral formation (like in the attached photo).

    I’ve been messing with this for hours and have not figured out a way to do this. I thought maybe there was a way to align or constrain to a path or something that might make this work, and then I would just tweak individual elements. But so far no luck.

    Any tips o an approach for this?



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    Look in the Resource Library for FX>Motion FX. There a series of different effects that can be applied to objects. I think you have to use the scripting console to control these. Window menu>Sho Scripting Console.

    zPG 320 of the user manual has info about this.

    You can apply these to groups so that will help with multiplication of objects to populate the scene.

    It takes some tinkering, but worth the effort in the long run.




    Thanks Tom,

    I think that was the kind of thing I was looking for.
    Hopefully my brain is big enough ; )




    I don’t think any of those FX apply to this. It might just be the3 tedium of moving each sheet in 3D space.

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