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    Ryan Caleb

    Hello All,

    I am really wanting to start learning 3D and have been debating figuring out Blender, buying the starter Strata 3D ($50) or going for Cheetah.
    Can I get some advice on what people recommend and why you recommend Cheetah over other alternatives?
    Appreciate your thoughts and wisdom.
    Please help.

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    Hey Ryan,

    You’ve got alot of choices, but don’t feel like everything will be ruined if you “Pick the wrong software”… The most important thing is to jump in and start learning.

    Blender an order of magnitude more powerful than Strata, so that’s definitely a plus. The con, is that Blender is more complex and unwieldy to use. Don’t let that completely turn you off, but you’ll definitely need to focus to learn it.

    Keep this in mind, that really the only reliable source when learning Strata, is the Strata University… you have to subscribe for a fee, and even then, it’s not really organized as a cohesive, comprehensive course… it’s more a collection of videos on different topics to go through.

    You can get tons of Blender training from many sources for free… AND there’s a very active community to rely on. You won’t get that with Strata unfortunately.

    Worth noting, is that you can actually get the full, Commercial-free versions of many industry standard apps for free! (Maya, 3DS Mac, etc.) You won’t be able to use them to make money, but for learning purposes, it’s amazing! That’s actually how I got started… I grabbed an educational license for Maya, and used it for 2 years before ultimately ending up using Modo as my main 3D app.

    Really, it is definitely not required to spend ANY cash to get into 3D, although, I will say that my subscription was a valuable asset. If you’re serious about getting into 3D as a main career move, then jump into it, and focus! Even if you’re using Blender or a Non Commercial version of a big app. It’s alot of work, but worth the effort.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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