Strata Design 3D CX for Mac – Public Beta – Update History

Strata Design 3D CX / Platform: Mac OS X This post lists the updates and features of previous public beta builds for Design 3D CX for Mac. For information about the latest and current release of the public beta for Mac go here: Strata Design 3D CX for Mac – Public Beta – Latest Version

Christian Moore, Packaging Display Designer & Illustrator

This week we sit down with artist Christian Moore. Christian uses Strata Design 3D CX for a wide range of 3D modeling projects including display design, product renders, and promotional graphics. But when you look at his portfolio, it doesn’t take long to realize that his forté is display design. With the path to 3D design never being a straight one, we wanted to see how Christian got into the field, and what pushes him forward. Christian’s Website