Mass Explained iPad App

Project: The Mass Explained iPad App Design Firm: Ampersand Design Group Designer: Dan Gonzalez Client: Agnus, LLC Project Summary The Roman Catholic Mass is the source and summit of the Catholic faith. While cradle Catholics may know the prayers and responses said at Mass, many do not know their significance or historical development. The Mass Explained iPad app was designed as a scholarly yet totally approachable and thoroughly entertaining educational tool to help faithful Catholics as well as the general population learn more about the Mass.

Museum Captures the Past

Project: Capture museum relics in 3D Objective: Create a virtual museum for the web Developer: Lars Goran Spang/Murberget Museum Project Summary Swedish museum Murberget has an extensive collection of artifacts – so many in fact that it cannot display them all within the confines of its physical building. Head of Research for Murberget, Lars Goran Spang, thought what they needed was a way to make the museum “virtual” – after all, there’s no limit to the room available on the web.