Strata Design 3D CX & SE 8.2.3 Update / Mac

Software licensing server communication error fix.

Strata Design 3D CX & SE 8.2.3 Update / Mac
Platform: Mac OS X
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Updater Requirements
You must have Strata Design 3D CX 8.2.2 in order to update to version 8.2.3.
NOTE: The 8.2.3 update is NOT a Design 3D CXi or SE 7.5 (Mac App Store) update. Software acquired through the Mac App Store is updated through the App Store.

To update your Strata Design 3D CX 8 software to CX 8.2.3 do the following:

  1. Download the Strata Update installer package (pkg) here. [NOTE: if you’ve previously downloaded the Strata Update application you will still need to download for this update]
  2. Launch the newly downloaded Install “Strata Design 3D CX 8.pkg”
  3. The updater package may open in the background – you may need to navigate through your open applications to find it.
  4. Follow the update steps outlined in the Strata Update window to update your Strata Design 3D CX 8 application
  5. You may be prompted twice to enter your admin password during the update process

Release Notes

This update simply fixes the helper application inside of Design 3D CX that communicates with the Strata software licensing server, which will reinstate your ability to activate, deactivate and do the monthly license checks. [NOTE: as of this writing, Design 3D CX x64 for Intel and M1 chip Macs is in late beta, making this release moot]

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.2.2:

  • Fix for missing textures and possible crash when exporting to VRML
  • Fix for issue with communication between HDRLS and D3D LiveRay
  • Fix for crash when importing an STL file from Cobalt
  • Made saving to a folder optional for some file types
  • Changed inStudioVR to Spaces VR in the Publish to VR dialog
  • Fix for default Collada tiling setting when no tiling parameters are found. We now default Collada to repeat
  • Fixes for broken UI in the Save/Export dialog in High Sierra 10.13
  • Fix for dark selection marquee in High Sierra 10.13.
  • Fixes for flashing black rectangles on startup and reshape enter/exit in High Sierra
  • Fixed Thickness handling of UVs on polygon meshes
  • Fixed the issue with the Texture dialog Apply button not updating the LiveRay rendering in the modeling window
  • Fix to allow the multi-pane modeling window presets to recognize the Preferences “Initial display” setting
  • Fixed issue where Air and Gravity widgets showing through to the Desktop in Sierra and High Sierra
  • Fix for U3D file import crash

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.2.1:

  • Fix for File menu grayed out issue
  • Fix to avoid crashing when suspending renderings
  • Fix for crash when opening model files
  • Fix for flip faces issue when flipping a face with holes. Fixes Thickness on polymesh with holes issue
  • Fix for crash when mesh has a UV channel but it’s empty
  • Several fixes for crashes when drawing faces with holes but missing valid UVs
  • Fix for properly iterating face with hole vertices in certain cases. This fixes a UV Edit selection issue
  • Fix for exporting material subsets to Collada
  • Fix for Fillet crash with boolean object having extra vertices
  • Some UV corruption fixes when burning or entering UV Edit
  • Fix for face selections not displaying on back faces when Backface Culling is on
  • Fix for topology errors when loading old models with faces that have multiple holes
  • Fixed polygon mesh with hole misbehaving when dissolving edge connecting hole area to perimeter
  • Fix convert issues with UVs
  • Fix for copy/deleting UVs issue
  • Fix for Connect/Split edge distorting UVs
  • Fix for crash when doing meld
  • Fix for Burn UV crash

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.2:

  • Base features to support VR
  • Improved support for holes in a polygon mesh
  • Fixed poly editor dissolving of vertices crash/hang
  • Fixes for some different dissolve crash situations
  • Fixed poly editor copy hang
  • Fixes for drawing polymesh faces with multiple holes
  • Fixed a number of Collada export issues
    • Fix for map tiling issue
    • Fix for combining compound shader that includes stencils/masks
    • Fixed the Collada exporter to stop exporting with garbage pixels on the edges of the Collada maps
    • Add support for exporting specular color and glow(emission) maps
    • Other Collada fixes
  • Fix for subdividing models with an empty UV Channel
  • Fixed some “missing map key” alert issue with poly meshes

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.1.2:

  • Optimizations for passing large linked image maps to the rendering engine
  • Fixed a lightdome mapping performance issue
  • Background resources gamma settings changed to 1.0 so that they work correctly with the lightdome and gamma rendering setup
  • The SE limited functionality version can now save models and renderings

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.1.1:

  • Fix for rare file corruption when saving model under low memory conditions
  • Much better handling of image buffers in low memory. You will now get an “out of memory” alert where previously the program was silent
  • Several memory and performance optimizations when saving images
  • Fix for saving layered animation and suspension renderings as PSD 16-bit
  • Made changes in mipmap handling to reduce memory usage
  • Fix for bad shadow interpolation of flat shaded faces that have shading normals
  • Fix for banding and bad color artifacts with the Aura and DOF effects
  • Fix for a saving crash in the polygon mesh code
  • Fixed a crash when saving as Quicktime
  • Fixed a crash that was happening on rare occasions after a rendering finished
  • Fixed a crash when loading Collada files containing bad geometry
  • Fixed a rare issue where a file can not be opened because of bad global light direction values. The bad direction values will be reset to represent an “overhead” global light
  • Update to support new software licensing back-end system

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.1:

  • Winter 2015-16 Release Foundational Support:
    • Embree raycasting engine support – up to 800% speed increase
    • Stage Model feature support – stage your model in a professional environment in as few as 2 clicks
    • Note: For buyers prior to November 15, 2015, the Winter 2015-16 Release features require either a subscription or purchase of the upgrade
  • New, more visible marquee selection indicator
  • Improved displacement support for subdivision surfaces
  • Fixed some memory handling issues
  • Fixed Stereo Camera rendering
  • Fix for Render dialog Detail settings retention issue
  • Fix for texture animating even though “All Time” was selected
  • Fixed a moving a light crasher
  • Fixed the lackluster Shape thumbnail preview renderings
  • Added gamma adjusted thresholding to the raytracer
  • Added multithreaded image thresholding and gamma optimization to antialaising
  • Fixed several crashing situations
  • Fixed a performance problem involving animated texture channels
  • Added an optimization to more quickly load PSD layered images
  • Added some optimization to the texture dialog and texture channel map thumbnails
  • Change made to the rendering presets to work better with the new renderer changes
  • Stencil/opacity textures again supported in the GL drawn modeling views
  • Added SE Mode (limited functionality) when product not licensed
  • Fixed some lighting widget update issues
  • Fixed for the Global light key commands not working
  • Fix for the Shape previews not rendering

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.0.2:

  • Fixes and improvements to the Magic Wand Face tool.
  • Changed the Magic Wand Face default setting to something more useful.
  • Added four new model templates (accessed through the “New Project” dialog)
  • Fix for texture and resource preview rendering mismatch
  • Boolean engine updated
    • The Boolean update provides a more robust engine and handles some cases that previously caused crashes
  • Fixed a group and ungroup performance issue
  • Changes to help eliminate a lengthy pause in some models when generating shape resource previews
  • Project Window optimizations to help with larger data sets
  • Modeling view optimizations
  • Better low memory handling
  • Fixed a memory leak

Previous fixes, updates and improvements in 8.0.1:

  • Fix for Collada .zae files not loading
  • Improved Collada’s find missing image mechanism
  • Fixed issue with loading U3D files
  • Fix for UV edge lines not drawing in vertex mode when you have an active polygon edit session
  • Fix for bezier curve/region selected points highlighting
  • Optimizations to make pasting images into the image map dialog faster
  • Fix for a Project Window crasher
  • Fix an memory consumption bug that could result in blank frames when saving huge .psd multilayer images
  • Fix to reduce memory consumption for multilayer suspended renderings
  • Reduced memory consumption while giving layered rendering feedback
  • Stop applying light overflow handling to float images
  • Enabling the composite layer if nothing is selected in the render to layer dialog
  • Fix for XMM crash on export
  • Disable drawers from moving the parent window when opened
  • Enabled closing drawers by double-clicking the upper title area
  • Fix for resuming OpenGL suspended renderings
  • Only enable menu/hotkey commands when they apply to the active window
  • License Manager – Fix for activations not working because of a permissions issue