• Design 3D CX 8 Mac x64 Upgrade Special (Standard License)
    • Product ID 929745
  • Design 3D CX 8 Mac x64 Upgrade SE (Standard License)
    • Product ID 929749
  • Design 3D CX 8 Mac x64 Upgrade (Standard License)
    • Product ID 930276

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NOTE: Please keep this email for access to your product download link and license number in the future.

NOTE: This version of Design 3D requires MacOS Mojave (or newer).

To download, install and activate the upgrade use the following instructions:

  • Step #1 – Download. Click on the Blue download link above.
  • Step #2 – Install. Launch the downloaded installer application and follow the instructions.
  • Step #3 – Complete the Activation Process. Once you’ve installed Design 3D CX, launch the application. The splash screen will come up with a field in the upper left to enter your license number. Copy your license number (located at the bottom of this email in Red) and paste into the license number field in the dialog, then click on the Activate button.
  • Step #4 – Start Design 3D. Once the application has activated successfully, click on the “Continue to Design 3D” button in the lower right of the splash screen/activation dialog. Design 3D CX will start and you’re ready to begin creating!

Getting Started After you’ve installed and launched the application the “Getting Started” dialog will open (this can also be accessed by clicking the Help menu and selecting “Getting Started”). This dialog can be set to show (or not show) on startup of the software by clicking the checkbox in the lower left of the window. From that dialog you can get access to a series of videos that will help you learn the application, get an overview of the features and create your first project.

Here are some additional links for resources to get you started:

  • First Project This easy to follow project will get you up and going quickly (this is the same project found in the “Getting Started” dialog).
  • Fundamentals A to Z. This series covers Design 3D CX from modeling and all the way through to final output (this is the same series found in the “Getting Started” dialog).
  • Fundamentals a designer’s perspective. Though created with version 7.5, the principles that expert user Chris Tyler takes you through will help you become more productive with version 8.
  • University Videos Design 3D subscribers get access to hundreds of hours of video tutorials.
  • Technical Support Resources This link will take you to our Support Home Page where you’ll find a variety of resources, such as the Support Forums.

Thanks for being part of the Strata family. This new release creates a modern platform that Strata will be able to build on for the foreseeable future.

Thanks Again, The Strata Team