Fundamentals of Design 3D CX 8

Getting Started Series
Fundamentals of
Design 3D CX 8 for Mac

This series of videos provides the fundamentals for new users – or users who just need a refresher. The basics are covered, including some features that are new to version 8.

These videos are part of the Getting Started series, and can also be accessed using the Design 3D CX 8 “Help” menu.

These videos cover eight key areas of Design 3D CX:

  1. User Interface. This video will give you an overview of the app.
  2. Windows and Views. This video shows you have to navigate and utilize the various windows and views in Design 3D CX.
  3. Modeling. This video shows you some of the wide variety of modeling techniques available in Design 3D CX.
  4. Texturing. This video shows you have to apply surface graphics and other texturing features.
  5. Lighting. This video discusses the variety of lighting techniques available in Design 3D CX.
  6. Animation. This video covers how you can make your models, cameras and lights move and evolve in a scene.
  7. Rendering. This video talks about how you can output your work into photoreal images.
  8. Export. This video goes over output to 3D file formats for use in other applications, and how to get your work out into VR, AR and 3D printing.
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  1. First stop to familiarize myself after upgrading from Cxi 7.5.1 to 8 are these first videos, especially the last Export Options video. I can bring my project to a 3D printer directly from the Strata Design app now. This is fantastic.

    I’m glad to have made this purchase upgrade. A fantastic app, Strata Design 3D CX 8, is. ????

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