Introduction to UV Mapping in CX 7, Part 2

This video takes another step with UV Mapping in Design 3D 7, using a simple box, then a more interesting box with filleted edges. We will create the UV map for a typical basic box label layout, and make it fit our box.

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    I went to add the Fillet to my box and it removes my UV map. When I click “Burn UV” again to bring it back like you did, nothing happens and I have to redo the whole UV Mapping process 🙁

  2. Hi. Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you about this. You are correct, adding fillets to the box will indeed destroy the UVs you initially made.

    Because the basic box shape, size, and proportions have not changed from doing the fillet, though, a new Burn UV operation will create new UVs that still fit the box. That is in fact redoing the whole UV process, but that’s all there is to it: redo the burn UV. So I am not exactly sure what your question is. If you do a new Burn UV using the box option but find the texture is not displaying on the box, try removing the image texture then reapplying it. Be sure it is applied with UV mapping in the Map option in the Object Properties palette.

    If this doesn’t answer you question, I may need you to attempt to rephrase your question, in a bit more detail.

  3. Nick

    No I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong but if that’s the way the software works then it’s all good. Thanks for answering!

  4. Okay, thanks for the question and clarification.

    The thing to understand is that certain operations you might do, actually, many if not most edits you might make on a mesh after the UVs are created, will alter or even destroy the UVs. For this reason, UV mapping is typically the last step in the modeling process.

    As it happens, with this simple box-type configuration, redoing the Burn UV will recreate UVs that still fit the box. This will not always work out, but in this example it does.

  5. cr8tivo

    I create a box thats 11 x 7 x 2.5 and then create a uv that matches those dimensions and it never lines up like your example. Within UV edit the size of the boxes is completely misproportioned to the actual proportions of the box. It’s driving me crazy.

  6. Hi. It’s been a bit since I recorded this video, so I don’t remember if this is covered in the video. It may be mentioned tangentially, but not really explained.

    This is a key concept: the default UV space will be square, unless you take specific steps to alter that. So the first UV space Design 3D will generate will be a square, and your UVs will float within that square canvas. If I set up a box that is 11 x 7 x 2.5 in proportion, the box does not fill the entire height of the allotted UV space. You need to use the UV map that Design 3D generates for you as a template for fitting your graphics to the allotted UV space. You cannot just feed in any old map.

    For now, we are a bit limited in how we can pull a template from the UV work space. One way to do it is to pull a screenshot from the UV space, and compose your graphics over that template. Suppose you are working in Illustrator, and your template is 19″ wide. In Illustrator, you want your artboard to be 19″ wide, and 19″ tall, and you need to save the entire artboad space. You cannot crop the blank areas above and below the graphics, you need to retain the entire square area in your image. Save for Web is a good way to do this in Illustrator.

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