Introduction to UV Mapping in CX 7, Part 1

This video is a quick first look at UV Mapping in Design 3D 7, using a cube to explore the very basic concepts involved with UV mapping vs. projection mapping.


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Note: I misspeak two times in this video. At about 51 seconds, I say I want to show the difference between UV Mapping and Texture Mapping: I meant to say the difference between UV Mapping and Projection Mapping.

Projection Mapping vs UV mapping This image should help with this concept. The first 6 mapping styles are all projected styles, the last style is UV mapping.

Toward the end of the video, I say I am looking at the right side of the cube, but I really am looking at the left side of the cube! Hope these flaws aren’t too confusing.

Below is the texture map I use in this video, so you can try this yourself.

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Lights Out



    When I select the videos for Parts 2, 3 & 4 the video for Part 1 is presented.

  2. I just tried them, and I get the correct video for each. Maybe you should quit your browser, clear your cache, try a different browser… something to try to force your browser to behave better. I find if I watch a number of videos in one browser session, eventually strange things begin to happen that can be cleared up by quitting ad relaunching.


    Dear Jean,
    Yes, that has worked, thanks so much for your help.
    Regards, Barry

  4. cooldaze

    When I select “Part 4”, the link takes me to Part 1 video. Emptying the cache makes no difference. I think you may have a bad link.

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