BEER BOTTLE: Part 3, Label color elements

This texturing tutorial walks through the process of creating the upper color layer of the beer label. It focuses on understanding the thought process behind the various settings involved in creating its look. This includes the use of the fresnel interpolator, the index of refraction value and the smoothness value. It also shows how to set up the Diffuse Color and stencil bitmap.

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  1. Griff

    Happy New Year Chris. Thanks for another great series.

    If I want to add drips/sweats on the bottle. Even small pool of water or ice around the bottle. What would be a good approach? To make them look organic, would you model and texture in Strata?


  2. Angus Hume

    Commercial nDo2 is still Windows only too. The old nDo script is still available here…

    I have tried another normal map generator for Photoshop which is a Pixel Blender plugin of Smart NormalMap. It’s also available as an Adobe Air app but the stand alone app seems to balk at larger file sizes. Also I like the look of BITMAP2MATERIAL 2 which can generate much more than these simple normal maps.

    Configuring the various options in normal map generators might make a good tutorial. In particular which apps might require flipping an axis or other alterations.

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