Fundamentals: Moving Objects

This fundamentals tutorial simply shows how to move 3D objects. Note: Design 3D CX interface is shown but the operations are the same for SE.


X key: Activate X grid for freeform movement relative to this grid (video 2, 3:40) More…
Z key: Activate Z grid for freeform movement relative to this grid (video 2, 4:00) More…

This first video is a simple tutorial for new users.

If you want extended basic information about moving objects, watch the following video.
HERE is the start file for the second video.

Lights Out


  1. Chris Tyler

    Hmm, it plays for me. I’m going to rip a new version and upload it. I should have that up a bit layer today. Thanks, Chris.

  2. comtesse

    Chris I cant activate my Z grid?
    when I type X and Y the grids are activated but the Z does not seem to work I am on
    strata 3D cX7.
    What shall I do?

  3. comtesse

    Ignore the above question, I found out the problem it comes from my french keyboard, my Z key correspond on the W key.

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