Bathroom Ladder, Part 1: How a perpendicular relationship helps the modeling process

This modeling tutorial is designed to address some questions regarding how the active grid functions work. It shows how to effectively use grids and guides to control the modeling process and shows many situations where precise modeling can be achieved by use of custom and standard active grids, in conjunction with guides. The fundamental perpendicular to surface relationship is discussed to give a basic sense for how these modeling tools work. The Bathroom Ladder Tutorial #2, the UV mapping components, is here.

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  1. Alldaron Knewitz

    Great tutorial, thank you.

    Was there a reason to not use “split edges” on that long middle piece of the straight polygon in part.6 before doing the extra steps of cut>paste>replicate*3>group>merge function which I’m guessing creates the same equal segments in the long middle part all being re-welded; or would the split edges have created the wrong height (not 10.05222)?

    Thank you,

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