Project Component: Modeling a digital watch

This tutorial models an old digital watch face.

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  1. Batou

    Great tutorial as always Chris, but the still images in each chapter don’t seem to match up with the movies I was watching. The watch that’s the subject of the tutorial looks a bit different from what I see being shown as an example of the project. Also, the description of the lesson professes to teach about modeling a digital watch face but the lesson seems to be concerned mainly with UV mapping. Perhaps another watch tutorial was posted in this lesson by mistake?

  2. Chris Tyler

    Oh whoops, big goof on my part. I linked to the wrong watch movies files. Im uploading the correct ones now and they should be available soon.


  3. denniscovey

    Another great informative tutorial Chris. Thanks for the knowledge, this project is relevant to something I’m working on right now. In video six it mentions that “in the next video” suggesting a continuation of the project. Was that just a mistake or will the project continue with additional videos at a later time or perhaps it didn’t get posted.
    Thanks again!

  4. Chris Tyler

    Correct, I have another tutorial planned for setting up and rendering the watch. I hope to have these recorded and uploaded very soon. You can see this watch rendered over on Stratacafe.


  5. anthonyross

    I’ve been enjoying this tutorial however it seems there are some missing videos. Can’t complete the watch.

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