Dreidel toy: Modeling

This tutorial models a small game object called a dreidel. It specifically focuses on how to model the bottom rounded part, using 3 different approaches. One method shows the use of the Hull modeling function, using Adobe Illustrator bezier curves as the starting point. The use of deformation lattices as part of the modeling process is also shown. Return to project page

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  1. William

    The rest of the tutorial is at “Dreidel Toy: Modeling, Part 2” with only the one video. That’s where the missing Part 7 video is located. The sequence of the videos is off as a group. Weirdly it is positioned after the “Dreidel Toy: UV Mapping” tutorial.

  2. Christopher Tyler

    I’ve updated this so the ‘part 2’ is now integrated with part 1 as video 7. There was a separate start file for it, and it was somewhat longer so I had decided to make it into its own entry. But I think having it in one tutorial entry works better now.

  3. William

    I was wondering about the lightdome file, Horizon-for-Modeling.sbg, that is used in part 5. It is a great idea. I perused the docs but could find nothing on what SBG stands for or how to export this file type within Strata Design 3D 8. I’m thinking that this export feature is part of HDR Light Studio Lighting application. Can you shed some light on this topic?

  4. Christopher Tyler

    I will do a quick tutorial tonight showing how to create your own lighting setups and saving them using the SBG format.

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