Modeling a glue gun handle

This tutorial walks through the modeling process for a glue gun handle. It demonstrates how to use custom guides with numerical precision to aid the modeling process.

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  1. These video tutorials are excellent. I’m recommending CX and the University as quality stocking stuffers for anyone with a geeky whippersnapper who is considered to spend too much time on the computer. They’re not too expensive and they are quality gifts for the right person.

    I’m glad to have bought the CXi version and to have found these tutorials in the process. Wow.

  2. Randy Mays

    Wow! As always, Chris, you make some very complex stuff comprehensible. Strata has always had the advantage of being direct in the way that Illustrator and Photoshop are. But there are so many details that are not clear to the casual user that often result in unexpected results. You continue to open the doors to Strata 3D.

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