Modeling a Metal Nut object

This tutorial models a metal nut type object using polygon modeling and subdivision surfaces.

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  1. MrBill

    Looks like part 2 movie is a duplicate of part 1. Didn’t watch all the way through so excuse me if I’m wrong.

  2. Angus Hume

    At the point where you use dissolve on the unwanted polys it is removing too much for me. I end up with just the outer vertices and 1 single poly (one of the subd polys, not the whole face). I tried again with just a single item and it does the same thing every time. I’m using same steps and it looks just like what you have selection wise until I run the dissolve.

  3. rskover

    I’m having a similar problem as the previous comment. I’ve tried the tutorial three times and I can’t get past the step where you dissolve the inner edges. When I do that I end up with a polygon in each of the three shape left over. I can’t seem to delete them. The appearance of the images on the screen is different also- the shapes are no longer filled.

  4. Chris Tyler

    It looks like a bug crept into one of the updates after the 7.0 release which is causing a problem at this point. It can be worked around easily though. Instead of selecting all the internal edges and dissolving, in Face mode select half the polygon, then dissolve those. Then, select the other polygons and dissolve those. You’ll be left with an edge loop down the middle. This can now be dissolved so you have a single ngon.

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