A product container with inset handle modeling

This an advanced modeling tutorial which shows how to create a product bottle with an inset handle using polygon modeling and subdivision surfaces. It also demonstrates how to use bezier curves to start the process. The use of the Skin tool, deformation lattices, the Lathe tool, and various polygon modeling tools are used to construct the bottle.

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  1. liharmon172

    Great set of tutorials. Being a relative newbie, I would like to see this project carried through to applying the label. Would help tremendously. Or is there an existing video which shows this already? Thanks for this set, I learned a lot.

  2. Powersolo

    I think Chris is amazing but I believe he’s a bit mad! He changes direction at the drop of a hat and sometimes it’s hard to keep up without starting over.

  3. Chris Tyler

    Complex tutorials are hard to follow for sure (and to do). If there’s ever a specific area that you are getting lost on, let me know.

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