Modeling an antique phone for beginners

This modeling tutorial shows how to model a simple antique phone using polygon modeling and subdivision surfaces. It’s geared to new users.

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  1. rskover

    Hi Chris,
    Checking through many of your tutorials it seems like just about all the elements you work on have been converted to a mesh, is that true? An example would be the Antique Telephone. I was curious about the pedestal for the phone which was already in the start file. Did you start with the Lathe tool and then reduce the complexity to zero and then turn it into a mesh to do the detail work on it?

    Love the tutorials. I try to spend a little time each day working on them.


  2. Chris Tyler

    I usually use polygons, yes. You can certainly use a lathe object as is, nothing wrong with that per-se. But spline based objects render more slowly than polygon ones. So from a pure performance standpoint polygons are superior. I’ll do a quick tutorial on this.

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