Whisk: Part 5 (wires, organizational setup) (SE/CX)

This beginner/intermediate tutorial shows how to use Shapes and Instances to control the wire components of the whisk. Shapes/instances are important mechanisms for managing geometry data in a scene and this tutorial shows various ways where this is the case.

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  1. Angus Hume

    Thanks Chris. Some great workflow tips in the series. One comment on texturing groups is that ungrouping is destructive and will remove the group texture. I must admit I’m not very organised but I try to assign materials as I go, even if they are all greys. Then I can edit a proper material at the end or if it is from the library I add the library material and use the copy from texture button to copy the final spec into the original placeholder material. Of course this only works for single layer materials 😉 Material groups would be nice!

  2. Chris Tyler

    Yes, this is a good point about texturing groups. I didn’t cover all the possible issues since this was more of an overview for beginners. However, I just used a material on a group for a project since it was fast and I wasn’t likely to ungroup it. So it’s all about the flexibility of being able to do it if needed which is nice.

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