Fundamentals Exercise: Working With Normals

This fundamentals/beginner exercise helps to show how to adjust a polygon model using normals.

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  1. denhamat1

    The program is unable to read the data in this file… the error message I’m getting trying to open the start file.

  2. Chris Tyler

    Are you using version 6? The files was saved in version 7 which isn’t backward compatible. However, I’ve saved the file in version 6 format which you can try downloading again.


  3. jamesgremillion

    Same problem… where is the version 6 file? I just downloaded from Mac store.

  4. Hilton Berredo

    I’ve purchased from APP STORE Strata Design SE version 6.2.5 and it’s unable to open either file Normal Move01_START-1 or file Normal Move01_START downloaded clicking HERE is the start file for this exercise on top of video window.

  5. Chris Tyler

    I’ve included a version of the start file that should work with the 6.0 series. It’s now on the page above.

  6. Chris Tyler

    I’ve now included a version of the start file which can be opened with the version 6 series. It’s attached at the top of the this tutorial page.

  7. johnzagami

    I’m having a problem viewing part 1 of this tutorial. The video goes to about 2 minutes, 10 seconds, then stops…….

  8. Chris Tyler

    I’ve checked it and it plays for me. Have you tried restarting your browser. Clear the browser ache and then give it a try again.

  9. ElectricShadow

    Hi Chris, I’m having the same problem. Can play the second part fine, but the first part just crashes after 3 seconds. I have done what you suggested above.

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