PROJECT COMPONENT: Liquids in a Glass Object: Setup Tutorial

This tutorial walks through the scene setup and basic object model for a glass object which will eventually contain some liquid. This tutorial is geared toward the beginner.

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  1. swamisudip

    hello i find that 1 Part movie is not played fully… at around end it disrupted and go back … so can not see at the end .

  2. Chris Tyler

    I look at the movie and it seems to play normally for me. Can you tell me at what specific timepoint it stop playing?


  3. swamisudip

    Hello somehow i managed it to see the whole movie.. now as i am learning .. i have one problems.
    as Part 3 .. i try to join in UV window .. as i follow as it said.. but my vertex does not join .. is there some i am missing ?
    i am using in mac 3D Cxi. Thanks for your support.

  4. Chris Tyler

    If UV vertices don’t join, that means the 3D geometry may not be joined. Or it could mean the UV vertices aren’t matched up correctly. The UV editor is fairly smart and won’t allow vertices to be welded if the 3D geometry is either not joined at the weld location or if the UV’s vertices aren’t correctly matched up. You can send me an email with the file if you’d like me to examine the file.


  5. swamisudip

    after watching very carefully .. i find that there was different tolerance window set up .. mine was . 0.00001 when i put it to 0.01 it works .. 🙂

  6. Chris Tyler

    Ok good. I actually just recorded a short tutorial showing conditions that would prevent UVs from welding. I’ll have that posted soon.

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