Learning about global illumination (CX/SE)

This is a two part tutorial that walks through an interesting little projects which helps to demonstrate some of the render dialog settings. It specifically discusses what is called radiosity or global illumination and some settings that control this function.

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  1. Salvatore


    I’m NOT trying to be sarcastic; BUT,…

    WHAT am I missing here?

    WHERE is this quad-like reflection/refraction with ‘chocolate icing’ on top… being caught from in this scene?

    My brain tells me I’m seeing something weird.

    I’m EXPECTING to see something akin to a SOLID block of ice.

  2. Chris Tyler

    Refraction/transparency/reflections produce a more complex visual than simply a clear appearance. The environment (simple as it is) along with the internal reflection/refraction produce the cube’s appearance. You can easily set the material’s color to white and then examine the top. Move the camera to different positions and re-examine from various angles to see the complexity of these phenomena.

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