Modeling a mid-century modern table

This modeling tutorial walks through the modeling process for a mid-century modern table by designer Jean Prouve. It includes extensive use of custom grids and guides, flatten operations, polygon modeling, subdivision surfaces and even boolean tools.

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  1. Randy Mays

    Thanks for another great tutorial. Custom grids and guides are great tools. I’m still absorbing the nuances of them so it’s good to have these details reinforced.

  2. ElectricShadow

    Hi Chris,

    I have been following along after having watched the whole tutorial through once, and I have a problem. In the second part, about 4mins in, you talk about bridging the two line faces to class off the front of the table leg…

    I have followed the tutorial exactly, but when I click bridge, nothing happens?

  3. Chris Tyler

    I went and looked at that section. At that point if you look closely you can see that I’m bridging some edges to close a side off.

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