Modeling a teapot spout (SE-partial/CX)

This modeling tutorial shows how to use the Skin tool to create a teapot spout. It also shows how to convert this to a 3D bezier surface, perform some bezier editing on this surface, then finally convert to a polygon mesh. The final polygon mesh is edited and then has subdivision surfaces applied. Note that the first several parts can be done in SE 7, while all components can be done in CX.

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  1. soleilcom

    Very interesting approach this skin tool. Well done.
    I’m sure it would work well for the sailboat hull I plan to draw.
    Thank you Chris.

  2. John Kaestner


    Your tutorials are very good. I recently purchased a membership to the University. I am using CXi version 7, which I just purchased from the mac store.. How do I access the files that are related to your tutorials and can I not open pdf files with Cxi?
    John Kaestner

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