Modeling and UV mapping a table-top advertising display

This tutorial creates then UV maps some geometry used to simulate a table-top type of display.

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  1. Marky1

    How did you turn on the screen shoot in photoshop when you selected the faces? I can’t see where your cursor goes?
    On part 3 around time 2:55


  2. Chris Tyler

    It was just a layer in the layers palette. Sorry, I should have had the layers palette on screen but the record area is small and so I’ve tended not to have palettes in view.


  3. Marky1

    Oh ok I understand that, I’m curious how you selected the faces in photoshop like you can in Strata? When they were highlighted red. I noticed you had the eye dropper selected when doing so.

  4. Chris Tyler

    Oh I can see how that could be confusing as I look at it. I think what I had done was have some polygons selected when I had created the layered PSD file for the tutorial. When I recorded the tutorial the polygons weren’t selected, but appeared to be on when I enabled the template layer in the psd file.


  5. Marky1

    I think I know what happened. Maybe you took a previous screen shot in strata when that area was highlighted red? haha sorry if I’m confusing you.

  6. Marky1

    Ok cool problem solved. I really like the new native UV mapping, even though I was starting to master Wings finally haha.


  7. envirochris

    I get it now! Thanks for the great lesson.

    I have one problem I am facing… transparent linked file. Our label we are applying is die cut so that the bottle show through in certain areas. When applying the uv, the areas are white, not clear. How do I resolve this?

  8. Chris Tyler

    You would have two materials on the object. The lower material, under the label with stencil, would have a glass type material. The stencil would cause the label to appear as though it were adhered on top of a glass material.

    Part two of this link above will show you how to create the glass material quickly.


  9. envirochris

    Okay, I’v got glass down but am still getting a solid white background when bringing in my label to lay on top. Can you point me in the direction of a tutorial that might guide me along with the last step… so close to having this done!

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