Modeling a salt shaker in Design 3D

This polygon modeling tutorial shows how to model the body of a salt shaker. It shows how to model the object with Design 3D’s modeling paradigm, using polygons and subdivision surfaces, and is a companion to the same object modeled in Cobalt. The Cobalt version of this object can be found here.

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  1. Randy Mays

    I love your tutorials. They’re very detailed and take nothing for granted. I have owned and used Strata 3D since the early 90s and appreciate how intuitive it is and how well it meshes with Photoshop and Illustrator, products that I know well. It was a little baffling to me why Cobalt tutorials began to appear without explanation. It was a little like when you began posting Wings tutorials several years ago. With Wings, however, I understood the logic: Wings had functionality that Strata lacked. Plus, it was free. Cobalt, on the other hand seems obtuse, more technical and expensive. I would need to see a much more compelling case made for a piece of $1500 (or even $1000) software with what looks like a steep learning curve before I would buy it. Please explain.
    Randy Mays

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