Bottle Label Component 1: Polygon mesh sidedness and texturing

This tutorial explains polygon sidedness and how it relates to placing independent textures on either side of a polygon or polygon mesh.

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  1. 3Don2gone

    I really have issues with Chris Tyler’s “tutorials” quite often. Let me say, however, that I have no doubt whatsoever that he is a master of Strata. But throughout most of the lessons I followed it seems he is often reminding himself of what he well knows already as opposed to teaching. That and the “and we will select this tool, oops, no, not that one, we’ll select this other one” kind of thing, in other words, can you please edit out your mistakes from this tutorial video. This kind of thing does not really help with teaching, especially in this medium. I am not new to 3D programs but trying to get back into it. And Strata is the one for me.

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