PROJECT: Animation with Match Motion – Part 1 – Introduction – English


En este tutorial vamos a ver todos los pasos para realizar una animación usando como base un video real, sobre el que posteriormente añadiremos nuestros modelos 3D e iluminación.

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  1. Petef

    Hi, Im not able to find parts 2-5 not sure with it being a 2013 tutorial if it would be compatible with 7.5 and has been removed.


  2. Hi Peter,

    When we began this series of tutorials, the software we use for motion capture (PFHoe from The Pixel Farm), was discontinued. The Pixel Farm, then announced that from then on, you should upgrade to PFMatchit.
    PFMachit but also is discontinued, in favor of PFTrack.
    PFHoe and PFMatchit were affordable and easy to use software. While PFTrack is a professional software, and expensive. True, it has other functions, but are not required for motion capture.

    We had started the tutorial with PFHoe. stop and start with PFMatchit, but upon receiving news, which would also be discontinued, also we stopped this tutorial.

    We are waiting to know several things, to see if we continue the tutorials. On the one hand already confirmed that Strata continues to support the script capture in CX8. On the other hand, decide if we do tutorials for all versions I mentioned, although they are discontinued, for people who have the software.
    Soon we will know what decision to take. But almost certainly do tutorials for both softwares (PFHoe and PFMatchit), but before we see that other possibilities exist in motion capture software.


    Xavier Mestres

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