Using Global, Local and Grid centric coordinates to place tiles on a wall

This tutorial shows how to use Global, Local (Object) and Grid coordinates to control the placement and arrangement of tiles on a wall. It also shows how to properly arrange an object inside a shape so it predictably places on a grid or object.

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  1. Alldaron Knewitz

    Very useful; thank you.

    Would love if the “Project Window” would offer an object lock much like Photoshop to disable accidental moving/changing of things which are already set in their final position, like the walls.

  2. Alldaron Knewitz

    Thanks to the incredible support staff; they informed me that I can lock an object in the Object Properties palette under the Transform tab > position mode. There’s a ‘Lock Position’ check box. Same for rotation and scale.
    Can’t believe I’ve overlooked these for so long.
    Thank you guys!

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