Using IK/bones to deform a sports bottle cap

This is a tutorial showing how to use the Bones/IK system to help pose and deform part of a sports bottle.

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  1. Marky1

    Awesome, this will come in handy!
    Are there currently any tutorials using physics in animation? I need to create an animation of a bowling ball striking down pins. I’m not sure how Strata’s physics capabilities are, any advice would be great or a small tutorial regarding this to get me started.

    Thank you,

  2. chcr-strata

    I’m bit frustrated here. I may be missing something but I feel that I’m following this tutorial exactly, but I don’t even get the nuclear green highlighting for the vertex weighting. It seems like it’s following the linking, but I can’t see it with vertex coloring. Is there some preference buried somewhere that turns this off? (Not that I’ve messed with any preferences knowingly)

  3. Chris Tyler

    Are you using version 6.2? Could you send me a screen shot of the exact area you’re having a problem with to mrchristophersea (at)

  4. colorjaws


    is there an other tutorial about IK bones? I like to make one for a charchter and this tutorial is just not enough to understant oll the tricky parts of the riging.

    thanks a lot

  5. felixo

    This is a useful tutorial, but this is a really ugly part of the software. There is no “intuitive UI” to be found here. This is like changing channels on my TV by making short circuits with the wires.

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