Rob Stephens and His Versatility of Skill with Strata

Rob Stephens has used Strata for many years in the creation of product mock ups for his clients. In his opinion, nothing is so beautiful as the final rendered image created with Strata. “I rarely have to add anything in Photoshop, which is a real bonus.” For Rob there is no “typical clientele” which speaks to the diversity of his work and versatility of his skill. Enjoy the featured images below created for professional clients and some just for hobby.   Rob enjoyed creating this unique Lego set modeled after one of his loves, the rotating music collective, Postmodern Jukebox. Who

Furniture Design by Yves Bernard

Yves Bernard, a senior art director and graphic designer, uses Strata to create furniture models. He begins his modeling process by using 2D tools like Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. “I love modeling because of its technical aspect. Strata has many interesting features, but the ones I’m using most regularly are those concerning the lighting and everything related to the materials.” says Yves. Yves also appreciates the convenience of being able to import and open files like .3ds, .Obj, or Collada. The ability to generate 16-bit images and the many possibilities for HDR lighting that Strata Design 3D CX 8.0 has

Ahmad Johari Builds on His Success with CX 8

When Ahmad Johari, an architect from Malaysia, discovered Strata’s 3D modeling software, it opened up new vistas for his creativity. He now specializes in architectural rendering and hasn’t looked back since, which he attributes to his discovery of Strata. Ahmad’s projects span a wide range of some of the best known hotel and commercial management firms in the world, and key clients include prestigious international architectural firms – such as E&O Property Development,  BRDB Developments, and GDP Architects. Ahmad shared his success using the newest version of Strata 3D with some of his latest work. His number one favorite feature of

Reviving the Past with a 60’s Classic

Larry Travers, an architect from Canada, uses Strata to visualize his architecture concepts. From residential interiors to skyscrapers, Larry has graciously shared with us many of his beautiful images over the years. For scale and realism, Larry likes to populate his exterior shots with vehicles. So, if you’re going to model a car why not have some fun and create a classic? This 1961 Corvette was modeled by Larry using actual photos of the car and Strata’s grid template feature. He shared his work on StrataCafe by posting renderings of the car and the actual model for other designers to download and

3D Printing to Make Mars a Reality

          Jan Kaliciak, a long time creative professional and instructor, has been using Strata to help with his contributions to the EOS Mars Program for many years. Now he has taken his work from virtual to physical using Strata and 3D printing. What is the EOS Mars Program? “It’s an imaginative and speculative enterprise in visualizing the possible realities of moving and living in a Mars environment, based on current science and engineering developments.” Is it science? Yes, and no. In Jan’s opinion, sometimes imagination leads science. Now, with 3D printing, Jan can communicate his concepts

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