Cylindrical mapping and UV coordinates

This is a tutorial aimed at both new and perhaps more advanced users which deals with the relationship between UV mapping and cylindrical projection mapping. Specifically, it deals with two things; how to map the caps separately from the cylinder; and how to create distortion free UV’s for the body, meaning how to maintain the correct aspect ratio of the cylinder 3D geometry to the UV space geometry.

In many ways this is geared towards users newer to UV mapping so there’s a lot of explanation about the UV space. This tutorial is done entirely in Design3D but does use Wings3D to help demonstrate a few parts of the tutorial (it’s not necessary to know Wings3D for this tutorial).

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  1. fhofgxfd

    What is the wings program and if it could be set in photoshop why did you not use photoshop and where do I get wngs.

  2. kidokwan

    after viewing this UV mapping tutorial which Chris said was for newbies as well, I’m a little more confused than ever. I got lost after the third or fourth “Grouping, Rotating, Grouping and Burning process.”

    I thought UV Mapping would be a simple process of mapping an image to a 3D object but after this I’m just not sure of anything any more. Is there a simpler method for learning about UV Mapping than this tutorial?


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