Makeup Tube

This is a tutorial which models then UV maps a simple subdivision surface object which represents a makeup or personal care product type of package design. There is a video showing how it’s modeled, and one showing how it’s UV mapped. The UV mapping video discusses some of the challenges this object poses for the unwrapping process.

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  1. tbabcock123

    hi chris. i’ve tried the UV unwrapping in Wings3d but the interface doesn’t make sense to me. I have some trouble navigating the space, rotating the model etc. (which in Silo is easy). So, in frustration, I tried to do the same thing in Silo 2.2. The OBJ import worked OK BUT there is no corresponding model in the UV space of Silo2.2 and I therefore can’t unwrap the model. Is there some setting in Strata that might account for this or is it a Silo problem?

    thanks for your help


  2. Chris Tyler

    This model doesn’t have any UV’s to begin with. So in Silo if you try and view it in UV mode, there won’t be any. The starting point is to have no UV’s and then you progress onto the creation of them.

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