Model a bowl, for beginners

This tutorial is for people new to Design 3D and 3D in general, who want to get a glimpse into what the subdivision surface technology is. It walks through some basic polygon modeling operations in order to set up a polygon mesh that can be subdivided. Return to project page

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  1. Mike Conlen

    Regarding model-a-bowl tutorial: when I select the ellipse tool, I get a complex multifaceted ellipse, Instead of an eight sided one. I’ve searched around, but I can’t find any way to change it to an eight sided circle like in the tutorial.
    Obj. Properties >Object does not give me an option to change the number of sides like I see in the tutorial. How do I simplify the circle?

  2. Kevin Condie

    You need to use the 2D Polygon Tool instead of the Ellipse tool. Then you’ll be able to change the number of sides for that object type in the Object Properties > Object Tab.

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