PROJECT COMPONENT: Preparing a Design3D Project for iBooks Author and the iPad iBooks Reader

This tutorial shows you how to take a previous project for a 9 volt battery (starts here) and prepare the model for use in iBooks Author (Apple’s free application for creating iBooks for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch – get it here). The tutorial walks you through various aspects of the preparation processing, including geometry refinement/optimization, camera usage, material issues and testing.

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  1. MrBill

    Is the polygon count limit for each page of an ibook or is it the limit for the whole book. I’d like to think that we could have an unlimited set of pages for a presentation.

    Is this the answer to adobes 3D pdf limitations and the fact that 3D pdf’s or flash does not work on ipads. Is apple investing time and effort into 3D ibooks so we can expect bigger and better things as this grows or is this only another avenue in the toolbox that works with Strata.

  2. Chris Tyler

    While I could be wrong, I believe the polygon limitation may be per object. But if you try and load a page full of heavy geometry, there’ll likely be overall issues considering the hardware.

    Strata is simply exporting a Collada file. It’s the Collada file that is the 3D file format Apple has chosen to support. It’s essentially a 3D interchange format that is replacing older formats like OBJ. Any 3D application that exports Collada would have worked here of course, but the point of this tutorial was to show how to prepare Design3D files for use in an iBook.

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