Using active grids to control the creation of a gem object

This tutorial creates a gem objects from a template. It uses grid templates and shows how to create the planar faces of the gem using the 3-click method for grid creation.

Lights Out


  1. Mac and iOS users – you need to make sure you’ve updated to Safari 9.1.1 and to iOS 9.3.2
    Apple has had a bug in their browser tech that prevents some types of Vimeo hosted videos from being viewed (says there is a “Privacy” setting problem). If you don’t have the Safari 9.1.1 update you can use Firefox or Chrome to view these videos.

  2. Ken Kelly

    Hi Chris,
    A complex but really good tutorial. Do you have any finished renders of the jewel. I am working on a project for a client wher I am turning a 2d circular mandala inro a 3d sphere. I was doing a lot of the work in Illustrator but I really am only creating more work for myself. But is it possible to project the 2d mandala onto a 3D shere to create the proper grid reference to then begin the process of creating polygons.


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