Using an IK/Bones chain to pose a package design object (CX)

This tutorial shows how to use an IK/Bones chain to control the posing of a package design type object. It shows how to control the position of each bone and how to manually assign vertices to each bone.

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  1. tbabcock123

    why, when i drag out the bone which will become the top flap bone (the third bone in the series) does the shape of the bone distort (yours in the tutorial does not)? the bone starts out normally but as it rotates into position it flattens.

  2. Chris Tyler

    There’s likely going to be a bit of variation in placement of the starting and ending points of the bones between what I’ve done and you’ve done. This can cause the bones actual shape to change somewhat. I’ve noticed in some cases the bone seems to flatten out. It doesn’t affect the functionality of the bone though.

  3. tbabcock123

    also, despite never creating a guide, a z-guide is ALWAYS created (as evidenced by a green line along the z-axis AND an orange colored guide line along the center z-line in 3d space. i can type ; to get rid of the orange line BUT the green z-guide line persists. i’ve restarted Strata 3d CX 7 (version 7.0.5) and even reset the preferences to no avail.

  4. tbabcock123

    the behavior is actually difficult to capture with a screenshot. i do have a 1:27 min video (no audio, about 30 mb) that i could upload to an ftp site (i don’t think it would email).

  5. Chris Tyler

    You should be able to compress the video farther than that. Set the video to half the size it was recorded at then compress it with QT player using h.264 medium quality. You can then just email the smaller movie.

  6. tbabcock123

    just reviewed the smaller video. unfortunately the arrows are displaced from the larger version (don’t understand why). if this smaller video is incomprehensible, i will redo – just let me know.

  7. rskover

    Hi Chris,
    I’m trying to add bones to a simple desk lamp. I’ve created the lamp and the bones but can’t seem to attach the bones to the objects using the attach tool. Nothing seems to happen when I drag from a bone to the object. Am I doing something wrong?

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