Project Component: Texturing and Rendering a Bar Stool

This tutorial textures and renders a modern bar stool type object. This includes setting up the environment, the materials of the bar stool (metals, anisotropy, glossy wood texture) and setting up glow panels for use in lighting. This is a follow up tutorial to the modeling of the bar stool.

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  1. Marky1

    Nice, once again I’ve learned a lot!
    Is there any reading material you can suggest to get a better understanding of the topics discussed in this tutorial? Primarily on Fresnel and Anisotropy?


  2. Chris Tyler

    I discuss the use of fresnel in tutorials here and there, but I just recorded one very specifically going over it. Do a search for anisotropy as I do have a tutorial on that also.


  3. rbornemann

    This was an incredibly useful tutorial in just about all aspects. Thanks. I will be watching this one several times.

    Especially helpful were the material set-up portions, and setting up the different glow panels throughout the scene.

    Also, never knew about using the scripting menu to adjust properties of objects, in this case, glow panels. That is super.

  4. ellbo

    Great tutorial Chris, it’s actually brought up something that I’ve noticed a couple of times when rendering. As my render progresses all looks good, then right at the end I’m guessing it’s something to do with anti aliasing my renders come out with a slight blur to them. I haven’t changed anything in the settings that I’m aware of.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

  5. Chris Tyler

    In the Detail tab of the rendering dialog, there is an option, “Jitter and Filter Antialiasing”. Turn that off.

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