Rendering Reflections on White

This materials and rendering tutorial shows how to render something on a white ground and background.

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  1. shepherd

    This was exactly what I was looking for. I needed to take some models out of Strata & place them in a presentation, but the reflections were always on a colored ground plane. Now that they are on white, I can isolate the train w/a mask in Photoshop & set the background layer to multiply to control the shadow independently.

  2. shepherd

    Im wondering, is there a way to render a model w/out having a reflection on it? And just having surface and/or cast shadows? Is that possible? And then having that shadow export as it’s own layer? I ultimately need to make PNG-24’s from these models retaining transparency & would like to try a version w/out a reflection. Is that information contained in my ground plane or is it simply a render setting?

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