Paper Bag Model UV Mapping

This is a tutorial designed to show how to model, UV unwrap and texture a simple paper bag type of object. It is modeled in Strata3D 6.1, then UV mapped in Wings3D.

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  1. rigo velez

    These are great but they don’t play fully. I’m finding that they end halfway. I was watching part 1 of the modeling and it only played up to 4min of the video. this is not the only tutorials I’m having problems with.

  2. Chris Tyler

    I’ve been watching and they seem to be playing for me. Is the streaming stopping? Or do the videos just not play past a certain point even though the data is there?

  3. michaelbstrauss

    chris, what could I be doing wrong…
    I export my model and import into wings 3d, but when I right click and choose UV map, I dont get that additional 3D window, only the flat window. I cant seem to get the autoUV Segmenting window to ever show?? so I can never unfold, any ideas on whats going on?

  4. Chris Tyler

    If some UV data already exists, Wings goes right into edit mode for those so you don’t get segmenting mode first. To force new UVs’ (and get the segmenting part), back in the main modeling environment, select your object, bring up the context menu, and then hold the Option or Control key while selecting UV Mapping.

  5. michaelbstrauss

    you know what! I had an older version of wings, and now it works, there is something different in the new version 1.4

    I have done what you said above and can not get it to work in the latest version of wings but l will try one more time!

  6. michaelbstrauss

    yup, i was right, I can import the same object into the newer version of wings and hold down control/UV mapping and it doesnt work…weird…

    Chris, what version are you using?

  7. Chris Tyler

    1.4.1. They’ve made some changes to how WIngs does UV mapping, but I think it hasn’t changed to much since the 1.0 release.

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